Interested in being part of the next Makerspace Delft team? Do you have what it takes to inspire a community of innovators?

In 2020, the Makerspace was founded. We started from the ground up to build an organization that now manages state of the art facilities, houses eight startups and is a hub for dozens of inventors and makers. Will you be the leadership that directs the next step in the development of Delft’s innovation community?

Technical Manager

As the leader of the technical department, the Technical Manager ensures that the Makerspace workshop is running smoothly and safely. This department has the responsibility of 1) safety training and education within the space 2) maintaining and expanding on our high quality tools and 3) educating the Makerspace users and community about tools and manufacturing methods. The Technical Manager will work with our many technical team members who have expertise in every area from electronics to woodworking, so this is both a teaching and a learning position. Apply

Financial Officer

The technical officer has an important role in managing the Makerspace's finances. This includes ensuring budgets are met, planning and balancing expenses for future improvements in the space. And most importantly, ensuring that everything we do with finances is legal and compliant to Dutch law! Apply

"Makerspace Delft is the kind of place that not only fills you with ideas and inspiration but also motivates you to implement and take them further. With the Makerspace Delft team I suddenly found myself in a community that is full of both the maker and entrepreneurial spirit!"
- Jonathas Laffita, Technical Manager 2020-21

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