Interested in being part of the next Makerspace Delft team? Do you have what it takes to inspire a community of innovators?

In 2020, the Makerspace was founded. We started from the ground up to build an organisation that now manages state of the art facilities, houses startups and is a hub for dozens of inventors and makers. Will you be the leadership that directs the next step in the development of Delft’s innovation community?

Partnerships manager

Do you consider yourself to be a sociable person with strong communication skills? Makerspace Delft provides an opportunity to harness those skills for the development of a business! The partnerships manager is responsible for managing the overall partnerships landscape at Makerspace Delft. This involves understanding at a high-level which resources the space needs most, and finding the affordable and sustainable ways of acquiring that resource. You will lead the department in ensuring the process of acquiring and maintaining partners is streamlined - which also involves cooperation and planning with the other departments.

Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Maintaining current partnerships and relationships with external parties
  • Periodically applying and finding grants to keep Makerspace Delft funded
  • Actively looking for sponsorships and external organisations to collaborate with

The manager role has a lot of flexility, your own vision and ideas can be easily incorporated. There is also room for growth, and possibility of growing your team which functions under you!

Time commitment : 12 hours a week

TEchnical manager

True to an engineering city, are you a DIY enthusiast and enjoy tinkering with high power tools and prototyping equipment? As the leader of the technical department, the Technical Manager ensures that the Makerspace workshop is running smoothly and safely. This involves a keen interest in a wide range of exciting prototyping tools, including but not limited to, pneumatic and power tools, laser cutters, 3-D printers, metal  and wood-working tools, signal and wave generators! This position will also entail organising safety trainings and education within the space, maintaining and expanding on our high quality tools and educating the Makerspace users and community about tools and manufacturing methods.

Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Communicating the needs of the technical department to the rest of the Management board and running the technical team
  • Being aware of the technical needs of the projects working within the space
  • Assisting in any fixtures / DIY modifications to the Makerspace Delft

The Technical Manager will work with our many technical team members who have expertise in every area from electronics to woodworking, so this is both a teaching and a learning position.

Time commitment : 10 hours a week


The financial officer has an important role in managing the Makerspace's finances. This includes ensuring budgets are met, planning and balancing expenses for future improvements in the space. And most importantly, ensuring that everything we do with finances is legal and compliant to Dutch law!

Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Tracking expenses and revenues of Makerspace Delft
  • Tracking project contributions to Makerspace Delft
  • Working closely with the Team Manager to ensure Makerspace Delft is within budget

Time commitment : 4 hours a week


Do you consider yourself a creative person with an eye for design? Do you feel like being at a Technical University does not provide ample opportunity to develop this side of yourself? Come join us at Makerspace Delft as a content creator! You will be responsible for visually representing what Makerspace Delft is up to; both the internal team and the exciting projects working within the space!

A content creator is responsible for:

  • Preparing posts for Social Media
  • Creating visually striking promotional materials like brochures, posters, flyers, banners for workshops and events of Makerspace Delft
  • Ensuring created material is coherent with Makerspace Delft brand image

This is a creative position with a lot of freedom regarding creation of content, all the while being responsible for being coherent with the existing brand image!

Time commitment : 5 hours a week

Open application

Not sure if any of these roles fit? There is always a wide variety of work to be done at the Makerspace Delft, consider an open application as a supervisor and we can work together to figure out how best you can develop while helping Makerspace Delft!

"Makerspace Delft is the kind of place that not only fills you with ideas and inspiration but also motivates you to implement and take them further. With the Makerspace Delft team I suddenly found myself in a community that is full of both the maker and entrepreneurial spirit!"
- Jonathas Laffita, Technical Manager 2020-21

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