Lead a community of makers

Makerspace Delft was founded in 2020. We started from the ground up to build an organisation that now manages state of the art facilities, houses startups and is a hub for dozens of inventors and makers. We offer learning opportunities ranging from partnership work to technical upkeep of the space, or if you are more interested in partaking in the community aspect of Makerspaces, there is space for that too and much more.... You will gain a wealth of experience, learning how to manage an innovation based business!


Technical team

True to an engineering city, are you a DIY enthusiast and enjoy tinkering with power tools and prototyping equipment?The Technical team ensures that the Makerspace workshop is running smoothly and safely. We have a wide range of exciting prototyping tools, including but not limited to, pneumatic and power tools, a CO2 lasercutter, 3D printers, metal and woodworking equipment, signal and wave generators! While interest in these tools is a plus if you want to work hands-on, we are also looking for someone who can handle the digital side of running the Makerspace Delft.

Some of your tasks could include:

  • Maintaining and improving the back-end booking system(E.g. implementing updated t&c in the system)
  • Updating and maintaining the website(E.g. making sure the information given is complete and accurate)
  • Keeping equipment well maintained, ready to use and safe(E.g. repairing defective equipment)
  • Identifying opportunities to expand our technical capabilities(E.g. introduce a new material or production process to the space)
  • Proposing and executing DIY improvements to the Makerspace(E.g. building tool storage solutions)

The Technical Manager works closely with the technical team members who are knowledgeable in many areas from software to woodworking. This is both a teaching and a learning position that will always hold an unforeseen challenge.

Partnerships Team

Do you consider yourself to be a sociable person with strong communication skills? Makerspace Delft provides an opportunity to harness those skills for the development of a business! You will be part of the partnerships team responsible for managing the partnerships landscape at MSD. This involves understanding at a high-level which resources the space needs most, and finding the affordable and sustainable ways to acquire them. As an officer you will be finding leads, contacting prospectful partners, and maintaining relationships with existing partners.


  • Maintaining and expanding partnerships with companies, educational institutions, non-profits, and startups
  • Organizing and participating in meetings with prospective organizations who can support MSD
  • Finding new opportunities for sponsorships and collaboration by responding to our community's needs
  • Improving the lead acquisiton process and expanding the networking database

You'll have the chance to:

  • Meet with loads of amazing people from different backgrounds, ballooning your professional network
  • Learn how to convince others to get engaged in and support your ideas
  • Have a profound impact on the lives of dozens of motivated MSD members
  • Learn how to convince others to get engaged in and support your ideas
  • Access Makerspace’s resources to pursue your own projects

Are you eager to take initiative and have a blast working at the forefront of the professional world? Apply above and become an expert builder of great relationships!

Time commitment: 2-5 hours a week


Do you consider yourself a creative person with an eye for design? Do you feel like being at a Technical University does not provide ample opportunity to develop this side of yourself? Come join us at Makerspace Delft as a content creator and work with our amazing head of content creation Nedji! You will be responsible for visually representing what Makerspace Delft is up to; both the internal team and the exciting projects working within the space!

Your responsibilities will depend on your interests, and they can include:

  • Taking pictures and making summaries of the events we organize or participate in
  • Working with other departments to promote their projects and initiatives
  • Designing visually striking promotional materials like brochures, posters, flyers, banners for internal and external events

This is a creative position; however no extensive experience is needed - your enthusiasm is more than enough. You'll have the chance to work with and extend our visual design system.

Time commitment: 2-4 hours a week

Community team

What distinguishes Makerspace Delft from other shared workplaces is our emphasis on community! Would you like to contribute to strengthening and expanding the community of Makers and entrepreneurs? As Community Manager at Makerspace Delft, you have the opportunity to define the social culture of the space moving forwards and to make connections between innovative start-ups, creative makers and dedicated technical mentors. Your job is to define projects that will build up the community inside and outside the Makerspace. In this exciting role, you will define much of how the community operates in the coming year and have a strong impact on the future trajectory of the space.

The goals of the Community Team can be flexible, but some of your responsibilities could include:

  • Coordinating all Social Media channels to best represent and market Makerspace Delft
  • Onboarding all new projects that sign up to use Makerspace Delft
  • Plan and execute events designed to bring the team closer together
  • Coordinating and implementing feedback from projects using the space
  • Arranging workshops to help spread the knowledge at Makerspace Delft to the wider Delft community

The Makerspace Delft team is consistently growing, having a thriving community department helps to make sure that all team members have a great time working at Makerspace Delft.


Supervisors are critical to the core functioning of Makerspace Delft. Supervisors ensure that there is always someone from Makerspace Delft's side while there are paying members using the Makerspace Delft. A supervisor shift can be between 1-4 hours a week, depending on whether the Makerspace Delft is reserved. On top of this, becoming a supervisor is a great way to start slowly adopting more responsibility. In return, you get access to our community and free access to all the tools and machine in our workshop at your convenience.

Some of the things you might do as a supervisor:

  • Maintaining and stocking safety gear
  • Stocking the kitchen and monitoring cleaning
  • Making and evaluating community surveys
  • Taking photos of the Makerspace Delft and projects there

There is always plenty of work to be done under other departments of the Makerspace Delft. As a supervisor you are in the perfect position to dabble in a variety of little jobs, seeing what kind of work appeals to you!

Time commitment: 1-4 hours a week

"Makerspace Delft is the kind of place that not only fills you with ideas and inspiration but also motivates you to implement and take them further. With the Makerspace Delft team I suddenly found myself in a community that is full of both the maker and entrepreneurial spirit!"
- Jonathas Laffita, Technical Manager 2020-21