Makerspace Delft is creating a community where all types of people can come together to create unique and extraordinary projects. We partner with companies and organizations around the Netherlands, Europe and the world. These partners keep us going by providing us with resources and partnering with us in ambitious projects.

Why Partner up

Increased brand exposure by connecting to sustainable and innovative projects

Recruitment opportunity with high-potential ambitious engineering students

Logo placement in the workspace, website, and clothing

Inclusion in Makerspace network and events

Become a partner

To learn more about partnering up with Makerspace Delft, please contact our partnerships manager:

David van der Wal


Beyond our incredible partners, our community is also active in supporting us, both in in-kind and cash donations. Namely, Makerpsace Delft held a crowdfunding campaign in May of this year through the incredible support of FAST TU Delft University Fund.

We would like to kindly thank the following contributors to the Makerspace Delft mission and vision:

We would like to thank our partners who have been critical to the foundation of the Delft Makerspace.