In the Delft Makerspace you’ll find mentors young and old with experience in engineering, prototyping and entrepreneurship. We specialize in multidisciplinary backgrounds, usually combining technical and non-technical fields together.

We are now looking for dedicated part-time and full-time members to join our next team for the academic year of 2021/2022!
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Management Team

Keshav Shukla
Team Manager

Paulina Zurawska
Community Manager

Christopher Groen
Partnerships Manager

Simon Venth

Technical Manager

David van der Wal

Partnerships Manager

OperationAl TEam

Joshua Spaander
Technical Chief

Anne Stijns
Technical Officer

Jonathas van den Hove
Technical Officer

Tamar Henquet
Partnerships Officer

Aart Braun

Technical Officer

Tess van Pelt
Technical Officer


Tom Suys

Drones and robotics

Frederic Dupon


Akash Pandey

Aircraft design, mechatronics

Kaizad Wadia

Cloud software

Suriya Prakash

Material science, drones, image recognition

Agustín Strik

Nicholas Rijken

Auvi Rahman

Software and mechatronics


We're always looking for engaged and motivated people to join the Makerspace Delft team, both on the manager and technical mentor levels.

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