Our Makerspace hosts fun and creative high-tech projects including:


Experimental Drones

Waste Management

Green Energy

3D-printed Prototypes

Autonomous Robotics

We host over 30 innovative and sustainable projects and prototypes that use our tools and support on a daily basis. Keep reading to learn more:

In-Situ Resource Utilisation technology developed for the space industry to revolutionize the way solar panels are produced.
On-demand information for  delivery operators about active drone landing sites.
Study association for the design of aircraft developing a heavy payload drone and solar-powered flying-wing.
A new way of doing your dishes, without harming the environment.
Inspiring modern home décor designed to be used and enjoyed.
Team aiming to break the amateur rocket world record of 61 kilometers with a rocket fully designed and built by university students.
Plug-n-play subsystem with dedicated embedded and ground support software for space satellite operations.
Hand wash station designs to provide access to knowledge for equal opportunity and communication around sanitation.

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